Nuts about You! – Hazelnut Cheesecake (No-Bake)

This decadent, pleasing-to-the-taste buds recipe is really quite simple. It’s a hazelnut cheesecake, and I know I normally only trust baked cheesecakes because they come across as more fulfilling, but this one is a keeper.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake with Oreo Crust – yes that is one dessert!

Forget EVERYTHING you know about traditional cheesecakes and try this piece of indulgence. I needed to merge my love for cheesecake, Oreos and chocolate chip cookie dough somewhere and this recipe seemed apt.

Devilish Decadence – Nutella Double Chocolate Brownies

So yes, these are the best brownies ever. I don’t like cake-y, egg-y brownies. In fact we all like them fudgey, and more on the bite into this and it melts in your mouth style. What makes them so special is the few optional add on ingredients that just take it to the next level: Nutella, chocolate chips or chunks and walnuts. The result is an ooey gooey, soft on the inside, silky smooth chocolate decadence that is sure to please each of the five senses.

Yee Haw! Texas Sheet Cake

This chocolate cake is all about taste, it doesn’t look fancy but tastes amazing. I would put it somewhere between fudge brownies and a moist chocolate cake. I make this like a poke cake so the glazey frosting you see on top, which is spread over warm, oozes in to the cake itself through the…

Bananas about Banoffee Pie!

A dear cousin of mine recently requested the recipe for Banoffee Pie, and of course I could not disappoint. Banoffee pie is a very delicious, very English dessert and the best part is that it’s actually quite easy but luxurious at the same time. So it looks like you slaved away to make it, whereas…

OMG! Chocolate Frosting

I love love this frosting for many reasons. It’s thick and glossy. It doesn’t start sliding down the side of the cake or cupcake (pet peeve!) It looks like the Duncan Hines frosting. I think my niece and nephew (and I -_-) licked a bowl of it straight up. It’s terribly easy. Ingredients: 2/3 cup…

Speak of the Devil – Devil’s Food Cake

Ok peeps, so I finally bringeth you the Devil’s Food Cake recipe. So here’s the story… three of my friends were turning the big 3-0 a few days apart. We decided to throw them a joint bday party, and of course I gladly volunteered the cake. I racked my brain for what kind of cake…