Pineapple Lemon Mint Drink

Beat the summer, with this cold and refreshing drink made within minutes!


Smoothie all the way! #Ramadan Diary

Fruit Smoothies are such a fantastic meal replacement (perfect for health geeks). They’re fresh, fruity, sweet, filling and best of all, guilt-free because they’re nutritious and and low in calories. I love smoothies in Ramadan, coz they’re so easy to make and give you that instant pick me up and hydration that’s needed after a…

Ramadan is here! What else to do with Dates

Ramadan Tasty Date Tips: Dates are a fantastic source of fiber and instant energy… that’s why he have them to break our fast. Here are some interesting twists on what else to do with your dates especially as a replacement to regular sugar – >Salads: Chop up into tiny pieces and toss into a fresh…