Welcome. Marhaba. Khushamdeed to GheeShakar. 

Need ideas on what to make for a special event, or just like that? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve always been asked my recipes to the various dishes I make, and I thought this should help. I like to make a different assortment of things from all cultures. The recipes on this blog are my go-to tried and tested experiences, basically inspired by recipes I have found or sought out and then ‘perfected’ either through bouts of adventurous experimentation or just plain convenience. Being in Pakistan, there are many times one wants to make something and an important ingredient will just not be available, or will be way too expensive to justify (case in point: we once managed to find a packet of pecans, perhaps 500gm, in Kohsar Mkt, Isb for FIVE THOUSAND rupees [back then that amounted to about $75] yeah, no thanks!) So a lot of my recipes have simple substitutions without compromising on taste. Also I often mix 2 or 3 recipes to create one scrumptious delight.

I want to make the process simple with diverse culinary delights both sweet and savory and would love your feedback on the recipes too. One of my biggest baking inspirations online is Stephanie Jaworski from Joy of BakingSo if you haven’t checked her website out already, do it.

I want to throw in a shout out to the lovely Sarah Adeel who pushed (read: harassed :P) me into starting a recipe blog, and has helped me much with it… Thank you Sarah for believing my stuff is good enough and ought to be shared with the world. While you’re reading this, do check out Sarah’s amazing initiative for incorporating Pakistan’s street children back in to mainstream society, Lettuce Bee Kids. Only a wonderful person like Sarah could carry this out with the creativity and perseverance that she has.

Bon appétit!


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