Pineapple Lemon Mint Drink




“Baby, it’s HOT outside!” I’m sorry I meant to post this weeks ago, but I was traveling and had some issues accessing my blog, blah blah. I know it’s almost fall but it’s seriously still pretty hot in many parts of the world. With global warming and temperatures rising to the mid 40s, our hot humid summers can do more than just dehydrate you. No joke, yesterday my car’s steering wheel and seat belt buckle low-key burned me! I could barely hold either of them. Although water is the best thing to consume year round and I purposefully try to down buckets of it, sometimes we all want to kick things up a notch. This weather is certainly a good time to experiment with different beverages and drinks. We did a lot of that during Ramadan. Other than detox waters, sometimes a refreshing iced drink really helps cool down your body and revive the lost electrolytes.

If anyone knows me well, they know I’m not one for overly sweetened drinks or anything. In fact, it can be a real turn off for me. The older you get and the more mature your tastebuds become, I suppose the more you crave balance in food… and in life. Woah, before I get too deep, lets talk about this refreshing blended pineapple, lemon, mint drink. It’s kind of sweet, kind of tangy and citrusy and the mint really lifts the high notes. It’s classic summer in a tall iced glass. If you like a little earthy warmth then by all means add a little ginger juice to it, for an added dimension. There’s no need for added sugar, unless you prefer something sweeter. All of the ingredients have various benefits for your body; cooling it being the most important one. They all have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. I mostly eyeballed this recipe, but for your sake I tried to quantify the ingredients. By all means, feel free to shift around how much you put of anything to suit your own tastes.



  • 1 ltr Pineapple juice (preferably with no extra sugar added)
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • Handful of mint leaves
  • 1/8 cup ginger juice (totally optional, you will need to grate or mince fresh ginger with water to extract this)
  • Ice as needed



Put all ingredients in a blender and blitz. Pour into a glass of ice and serve. Serves 4-5


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