Ramadan is here! What else to do with Dates


Ramadan Tasty Date Tips:
Dates are a fantastic source of fiber and instant energy… that’s why he have them to break our fast. Here are some interesting twists on what else to do with your dates especially as a replacement to regular sugar –

>Salads: Chop up into tiny pieces and toss into a fresh salad for a sweet kick and a huge amount of nutrients

> Stuffed Dates: This is a simple and fun twist on your regular date and great for the big fat ones you get over Ramadan. Simply remove the seed and stuff with a variety of raw nuts or my personal favorite – Feta cheese! Seriously good stuff. You can also try other cheeses. Experiment! (here are some ideas http://ecosalon.com/8_things_to_do_with_dates_ahem_the_fruit_not_men/)

> Oatmeal/Porridge: Try fusing dates while you cook your porridge at suhoor instead of sugar. The dates will just melt in with the cereal.

> Smoothies: Dates can be an excellent source of added nutrients to your smoothies, and fruit smoothies are a super duper iftar options, that are healthy and tasty. I’ll post some smoothie recipes soon inshAllah.

> Baked goods: Replace sugar in baked breads (like banana bread) with pureed dates or cook the dates in milk to create a creamy syrup. Try using 1/4 cup pureed dates to replace some of the butter and sugar in cookie and brownie recipes. Make date bars.

Bon apetit!


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